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Anna Meyer is a freelance designer based in Munich, Germany.

She mainly works in the disciplines of art direction, design, concept and photography. With an eye on detail and a big interest in all visual and theoretic matters she develops visual concepts.

Anna Meyer works on commissioned design as well as on self-initiated projects.

For more information about the projects, for enquiries or possible collaborations please don‘t hesitate to get in touch.

Fields of work

  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Editorial Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Corporate Design
  • Webdesign
  • Consulting
  • and Photography

One Shoot One

1. Edition, 30 Copies

All photos taken by: Anna Meyer
Published by: Prima Publications, Mainz
Print: Riso, 2 Colors

Year: 2012


Annäherung an die Ferne

Diploma / RheinMain University of Applied Sciences

More information soon...

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Programming: Markus Tacker

Year: 2012


Newspaperlayout for the
University RheinMain designdepartment

Including a smaller sized Werkblatt
which presents current studyprojects and graduation works.

Format: 28,2 cm x 40 cm

Featured Works:
Mirko Borsche
Emilie Mueller

Anna Meyer
Andreas Duschek
Ann Eckert

Year: 2010

Björn Dahlem

Die Theorie des Himmels

Published by Distanz

Format: 21,5 x 28,5 cm
200 Pages, full color,
Linen hardcover with golden foil
Bilingual German/English

For and with: Bureau Mirko Borsche

Year: 2010

Superpaper August

Super Paper is a monthly newspaper
about culture, fashion, design, art and music
for munich/germany.

Photography: Alexander Gnädiger
with 100 Girls On Polaroid

For: Superpaper, Bureau Mirko Borsche

Year: 2010

Galerie Draheim

Exhibition Design and participation on the group exhibition

at Gallery Draheim/Germany.

Concept and Graphics:
Andreas Duschek, Anna Meyer
thanks to Amine Nasseri / 3D-Support

Year: 2010

1680 × 1050

The digital desktop is the desk of today.
Where earlier documents and slips of paper were put manually
into a folder and were arranged on piles, nowadays the
computer with its individual interface has taken the main role in
our organization - whether at work or in private households.

How were personal ordered structures into the digital world,
how much individualism is still possible there, and how reflect
the digital desks the personal nature of its user.

Concept and Design:
Andreas Duschek
Ann Eckert
Anna Meyer

Year: 2010

Things I've seen

Groupexhibition with Works of
Andreas Duschek, Ann Eckert and Anna Meyer.

Photography, Concept and Design:
Andreas Duschek
Ann Eckert
Anna Meyer

Year: 2010



Anna Meyer
Pognerstrasse 36
81379 Munich




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